Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets [Detailed Comparison]

Faucets are an important part of your kitchen and bathroom. They are for daily use, so when choosing them, you need to ensure that the selected components are durable and reliable. In addition, you also need to find the type of faucet suitable for your kitchen interior. It usually comes down to the widespread faucet or centerset faucet (widespread faucet vs centerset faucet) as a popular choice, especially in the kitchen.

Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets (Full Comparison)

Overview (Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets)

Overview Widespread Kitchen Faucet:

widespread vs centerset kitchen faucets - widespread kitchen faucet

As the name suggests, these faucets take up more space than compact centerset because they are not a single unit, but have parts for each function. These faucets have 3 separate parts with the water outlet and handle. When you buy widespread faucets, there are two handles and a faucet in the assembly. It provides greater installation flexibility because you can install it on holes 8 to 16 inches apart. Thanks to its elegant design, you will find all connections under the sink. This provides a neat appearance, which is perfect for an elegant and modern kitchen style.

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Overview Centerset Kitchen Faucet:

widespread vs centerset kitchen faucets - centerset kitchen faucet

The most common and less expensive faucet you will find on the market is the centerset faucet. They are designed for the kitchen with three holes-one for the water outlet and the other two for the handle. This is also a good choice for those who want the functionality of a two-handle faucet, but don’t have room for widespread faucets. However, there are also single-handle designs with centerset faucets. It is composed of three interconnected elements—the water outlet and two handles 4 inches apart.

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Features (Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets)

Features of Widespread Kitchen Faucet:

  1. The powerful side sprayer is coordinated with the retractable hose, making it easy to clean the kitchen.
  2. The high arc design can be rotated 180 degrees, which is more convenient in daily kitchen work.
  3. Designed to fit 4 holes, 6-16 inches. Everything you need is in one box, including the InnoFlex PEX supply line integrated with the faucet to reduce one leak point.
  4. The patented DIAMOND sealing technology reduces leakage points, and the service life is twice the industry standard-ensuring that the kitchen faucet runs without leakage during the entire life cycle.

Features of Centerset Kitchen Faucet:

  1. Antique brass kitchen faucets are a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Old-fashioned kitchen faucets are equipped with all necessary hardware and user instructions, which makes installation easier for 30 minutes.
  2. With the push of a button, the high-pressure brass side sprayer can spray a powerful stream of water to clean dishes and corners of dirt. The included hose can be pulled out up to 59 inches, making it easy to clean anywhere around the sink.
  3. The heavy-duty bridge faucet is made of high-quality solid brass and weighs 7.76 pounds. The chrome-plated brass kitchen sink faucet is anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-leakage, ensuring water safety and long service life.
  4. The bridge-style kitchen faucet is designed with 2 handles and is equipped with water supply hoses (cold & hot), which can help accurately control the water volume and temperature. The high arc 360° rotating faucet is also very suitable for double sinks.

Advantages (Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets)

Advantages of Widespread Kitchen Faucet:

If you have a strangely shaped kitchen sink, the widespread kitchen faucet may be a good choice for you. In this type of kitchen faucet, the hot and cold water interface is hidden under the sink countertop, which is clean and beautiful. The advantage of having widespread kitchen faucets is that you can place the faucet in a non-traditional way also. An example of this is to place your nozzle on the back of the counter and your hand on the side.

Advantages of Centerset Kitchen Faucet:

In these faucets, the handle and faucet are connected to the bottom plate. Since they are all-in-one, you can easily install the centerset kitchen faucet because you don’t need to deal with many parts. You can install them in any kitchen sink and they can save a lot of space.

Disadvantages (Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets)

Disadvantages of Widespread Kitchen Faucet:

A widespread kitchen faucet must be installed directly on the sink or countertop. Therefore, you will not be able to mount it on the wall. The holes must be 4 to 10 inches apart, which can be a lot of space, depending on how much space you have to use. If you have very little counter space in the kitchen, you probably don’t want to use the widespread kitchen faucet. Since the commonly used faucet is a three-piece rather than a one-piece, it will take up more space.

Disadvantages of Centerset Kitchen Faucet:

This type of kitchen has not so many disadvantages. Most of them are not attractive and not easy to clean. These faucets are not good looking and take so much energy and are time-consuming while cleaning faucets.

Which is Better? Widespread vs Centerset Kitchen Faucets (As Of Customer Reviews)

The widespread looks more beautiful. For smaller spaces, please use a centerset faucet, if you have more space, please choose widespread faucets. In centerset, you only need to make one hole for the faucet, and in a widespread, you need 3 different holes to install the handle and the water outlet. I recommend you to choose a faucet as your needs and your kitchen sink type.

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How far apart should widespread faucets be?

The distance between the handles is at least 8 inches, which makes them slightly larger than other types of kitchen faucets.

Does a centerset faucet have 3 holes?

In centerset kitchen faucet, it has separate hot and cold handles, there are a total of three holes in the sink.

Can you replace a centerset faucet with a single hole faucet?

A 4-inch centerset kitchen faucet connects to a three-hole kitchen sink. Therefore, if you have a three-hole sink with outer holes 4 inches apart, you should be able to install a single hole kitchen faucet.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you will know the difference between a widespread faucet and a centerset kitchen faucet. When choosing between a widespread faucet and a centerset faucet, consider your existing sink configuration, available space, and existing decorations. Widespread and centerset faucets have their own merits, and each has its own demerits. For smaller spaces, I recommend centerset faucets, if you have more space, please choose widespread faucets.

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