How To Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck? Step-By-Step Instructions

The aerator is an important fixing device installed at the tip of the faucet in the sink. This is a good way to save water. The aerator may malfunction or become dirty, requiring you to remove it for cleaning or replacement. Sometimes, the aerator will stick and it becomes difficult to remove it. If you have a faucet with an aerator, knowing how to remove the faucet aerator that is stuck is really essential. However, there are several ways to remove a stuck faucet aerator. Before attempting to remove the faucet aerator, make sure to plug the sink.

Materials You Need

  1. Towel
  2. Vinegar

Equipment You Need

  1. WD-40
  2. Rubber Wrench
  3. Pliers

Step-by-Step Instructions to Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck:

Cover The Drain Hole Of The Sink

First, cover the drain hole. Then use a clean soft towel to cover the entire sink surface. The aerator has tiny parts that can easily fall into the sewer. Towels can also protect the surface of your sink from any damage caused by falling parts or unnecessary pressure. Any dirt dropped during the removal process will fall on the towel to prevent the sink from getting dirty.

Take Out the Aerator That Is Stuck

1. Use WD-40 to Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck

use WD 40 - remove the faucet aerator that is stuck

Spray some WD-40 on the aerator screw for three to five seconds. After a few minutes, wipe the faucet to get a better grip. Make sure to open a window for proper ventilation before use. WD-40 has a pungent smell and may be allergic to some people.

2. Use Vinegar to Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck

use vinegar - remove the faucet aerator that is stuck

Vinegar will help to loose the faucet aerator. Fill a bag with white vinegar. Pull the bag over the faucet, and then completely immerse the aerator in the vinegar. Put the bag on the faucet and soak for several hours. After a few hours, rinse the faucet to remove debris and corrosion. Now you can try again to remove the faucet aerator with pliers or a rubber wrench.

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3. Remove a Faucet Aerator with Heat

The heat will help loosen the tight metal of the aerator. Use a hairdryer or hot air to apply lightly. Then, try again with pliers or a rubber wrench. Ideally, the heat should make the faucet aerator easier to turn.

Note: Only heat the metal aerator. Some faucet aerators are made of plastic and will melt. If you are not sure about the material of the faucet aerator, please avoid heating.

4. Try Using a Rubber Wrench to Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck

use rubber wrench - remove the faucet aerator that is stuck

Compared with pliers, rubber wrenches have a tighter grip. The rubber wrench is not easy to slip off. Hold the aerator tightly with a rubber wrench while twisting it in one direction. If the faucet aerator does not move, try using the next method.

5. Use Pliers to Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck

use pliers - remove the faucet aerator that is stuck

If you cannot remove the stuck faucet with your hands, try using pliers. Before clamping the aerator with pliers, cover the aerator with a towel. It will prevent scratches or damage to the aerator. However, if you want to take out the aerator and install a new aerator, you do not need to cover it. Clamp the aerator in the screw part with pliers. Then turn it counterclockwise. Try to adjust the pliers. This will help loosen the tight aerator.

Video Instructions:

Source: YouTube (ToolboxDIY)

PDF Manual: Ways to Remove The Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck

Causes for Stuck Faucet Aerator

Due to various reasons, the aerator may get stuck. Some of the reasons are described below:

Mineral Deposits

Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, which accumulate in and around the aerator. However, these deposits will prevent the water from flowing through the aerator properly. If it is not cleaned in time, the scale will block the aerator and get stuck during removal.


Corrosion can occur over time, especially if you have cleaned or replaced the faucet aerator for a while. If your faucet aerator is rusty and cannot be repaired, you should remove it and replace it.

Debris and Dirt

Debris and dirt usually clog the female connector of the aerator, making it difficult to remove. It does not matter whether the aerator is new or old. Dirt and debris can make it stick. This is why you should clean the aerator regularly.

Old Aerator

Over time, the aerators will become weaker, affecting their efficiency. If your water contains minerals, you will need to replace the aerator regularly. If it is not replaced in time, minerals may also accumulate and cause it to become stuck.


Do faucet aerators wear out?

As long as they are operating. If you continue maintenance, you can replace or clean an aerator every year.

How often should you change faucet aerators?

Most generally aerators last for 15-20 years. If your faucet often needs maintenance. One of the most common signs that it is time to replace a faucet is that it needs constant maintenance to work properly.

How do you disinfect a faucet head?

Just fill the bag with equal amounts of water and white vinegar, immerse the kitchen faucet in the water, fix it with a rubber band.

Final Thoughts

The faucet aerator allows water to flow at the correct water pressure. However, these faucets may cause inconvenience when they block. In this case, you need to disassemble the aerator for repair or replacement. The process of disassembling the aerator is simple. As mentioned above, there are step by step instructions to remove a stuck faucet aerator.

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