Pull Out vs. Pull Down Faucets – Which One is Better?

Choosing a more versatile kitchen faucet may give you a choice between pull out vs. pull down faucets. What is the difference, and which is better? I noticed that some people use the words pull-down and pull-out in different ways. In most cases, these are the opposite. This article is based on the words that are used by most of the manufacturer. In other words, the pull-down faucet pulls the sprinkler with a hose from the water outlet of the tap, and the pull-down faucet pulls your entire body down (mainly distinguished by the spring coil).

If you don’t understand the term correctly, you will buy the wrong faucet that you don’t want. Therefore, it is essential to understand the differences between different styles and types of taps on the market. To eliminate your confusion, I have added an information page to understand the difference and its usage correctly. Let’s dive into it.

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

pull out kitchen faucet

The pull-out kitchen faucet is a faucet that takes up very little space. Those who use it as a compact design and find it worth a try. Pull-out kitchen faucets are also called close. Its style is the best for smaller sinks in the kitchen because its small design does not take up much space. They are rarely seen in large kitchens.

Instead of pulling the head of the faucet, use the head to pull out the faucet’s handle. These fixtures usually provide extendable nozzles, movable, and hoses in the fixture. Therefore, it offers a wide range of motion. With these types of faucets, you need to pull out the handle; instead of pulling the top like a pull-down faucet.

  • This faucets has 180° or 360° swivel support that makes it to swivel easily.

  • The type of faucet is small, so it is very suitable for a small kitchen.

  • Longer hoses are used. So you can fill a large pot that is not near the sink.

  • The use of a pull-out faucet can reduce splash-back because the nozzle is more flexible.

  • It eliminates back spray when fully opened.

  • If you have large hands, it may be inconvenient to use, so make sure the handle fits your hand comfortably.

  • The low arc makes it more challenging to fill the larger pan or pot.

  • This faucet is also not more comfortable to use as it is for a small sink.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

pull down faucetsThe pull-down faucet is an emerging product of the kitchen faucets. This faucet can make the water flow perfect and keep things tidy. This kitchen faucet is a hanging pull-out faucet that is connected to the sink by a hose. They are best for their accuracy in sending water out instead of running water around-thus making the kitchen cleaner. It is a suspending faucet connected to a pipe that can extend to the narrowest space.

Some people prefer pull-down faucets over pull-out faucets. The pull-down has a hose system that allows you to pull it closer to the sink when needed. The pull-down adopts a high-neck arc design to create a modern feel. It usually uses durable finishes, such as brushed nickel, and is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • The pull-down faucet is also ideal for those who has deep sinks in their kitchen.

  • You are unlikely to get kinks in the hose because you will not steer in different directions.

  • It is more ergonomic because it requires a simple fluid motion.

  • More models of pull-down faucets come with different spray options, which makes rinsing more easier.

  • Not suitable for those who have a smaller kitchen sink.

  • Due to the height of the water outlet, the water pressure may decrease.

  • Incorrect weight for cheaper models can cause damage to the nozzle tip.


The similarities between both pull-out faucet and pull-down faucet are listed below:

  • The purpose of these two faucets is to provide a retractable faucet outlet or sprayer extension.
  • It allows you to move the tap closer to the tableware, even on the countertop. Also, the spray hoses can be extended.

Dissimilarities (Pull Out vs. Pull Down Faucets):

There are many dissimilarities with both pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets. All the dissimilarities are listed in the below part.

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet:

  • The pull-out faucet has a shorter outlet, but the hose is long, perfect for moving around double sinks because you can spray water with the handle, which may not be possible with a pull-down faucet.

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet:

  • The pull-down faucet has a higher outlet and a short spray hose.
  • The pull-down kitchen faucet has a high arc design for easy cleaning of dishes, while the pull-out faucet is smaller but has a long retractable hose that allows you to clean flexibly.

Installing: Pull Out vs. Pull Down Faucets (Full Process)

This video on how to install a kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer explains the process of installing a faucet step by step. The installation of pull-out vs. pull-down faucets is the same as any other kitchen faucet.

Video Source: YouTube

Installation Manual: Kitchen Faucets (Pull Out vs. Pull Down Faucets) Installation Instructions

Which One is Better? (My Opinion)

Which faucet is better depends on your personal preferences and the space available in the kitchen sink? A pull-out faucet may be more beneficial if you have a shallow sink because it has less splash-back than a pull-down faucet. When deciding which one to install in the sink between the two options, you must first consider the water pressure and sink depth. It is up to you to determine your kitchen needs and find the perfect kitchen faucet for your beautiful decoration.


Do Pull-Down Faucets Rotate?

The drop-down faucet usually has a high arc and compensates for the space occupied by providing a 190-degree or 360-degree rotating support.

Do Pull-Out and Pull-Down faucets leak?

Both faucets don’t leak, and it also depends upon the manufacturer’s and its quality.

Which faucets are suitable for the kitchen?

It depends on your personal preferences, as I already said before. If you have a shallow sink, I recommend you to use a pull-out faucet; otherwise, you can use pull-down faucets as well.

Final Thoughts

Both faucets have their pros and cons. We have solved a common problem of choosing the right one of these two types of faucets. If you have a smaller sink, I recommend you to use a pull-out faucet; otherwise, you can use a pull-down as well. So, which one is best for you, the choice is yours. It depends on your personal preferences and kitchen space while working in the kitchen.

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