How to Clean Faucet Aerators? Step-by-Step Instructions

It would help if you clean faucet aerators regularly to remove dirt and clogged. A clogged faucet aerator will reduce the water flow and also makes the water dirty and unhealthy. Keeping the aerator clean can also help limit lead exposure in the water. Cleaning the faucet aerator is quick and straightforward that I will describe in the below article. Please go through it.

The faucet aerator is a simple accessory that can be screwed into the end of most kitchen faucets. Did you know the small part with a mesh screen at the end of the faucet? That is your faucet aerator. It adds air to your water to reduce splashing and control the amount of water flowing out.

Materials You Need

  1. Vinegar
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Masking tape

Equipment You Need

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Sewing needle
  3. Small screwdriver
  4. Lock groove pliers

Why do I need to clean the Faucet Aerators?

The screen can stick to the debris, and if you have hard water, calcium deposits will accumulate in it over time. In addition, a clogged aerator will slow down the flow of water from the kitchen faucet. But it’s easy to clean faucet aerators, and you don’t need any things to take care of it.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Clean Faucet Aerators:

1. Remove the Aerator

remove the aerator

Turn off the water supply to the kitchen sink. Unscrew the aerator on the faucet and remove it. You can do it manually, but you can also use a wrench or pliers. To protect from scratching metal ventilators with pliers, you can cover them with electrical tape first.

2. Dismantle All the Parts and Clean

Dismantle All the Parts and Clean

Use toothpicks or paper clips to disassemble the aerator, paying attention to how the parts fit together. Rinse away any large deposits. If you see a blocked hole on the screen or other parts, use a paperclip or sewing needle to remove it.

3. Soak All the Dismantle Parts in Vinegar

Soak All the Dismantle Parts in Vinegar

If any calcium accumulates on the aerator, soak it in white vinegar overnight. It is best to soak the parts in vinegar overnight, but at least soak them until the deposits are soft enough to be removed with a toothbrush.

4. Rinse and Reassemble the aerator

Rinse and Reassemble the aerator

Run the faucet for a few seconds to rinse off loose debris, but beware; water will gush out and may splash out of the sink. Reassemble the aerator parts in the original order.

5. Attach the Aerator

Attach the Aerator

Screw the aerator back to the water outlet, turn it counterclockwise and tighten it as much as possible by hand. Drain the water to check for leaks. If water flows out of the aerator, use pliers to tighten the aerator a little bit.

Video Instructions:

Source: YouTube (fordummies)

Instructions: Clean Faucet Aerators (PDF)


How often should you change faucet aerators?

Some people recommend cleaning the aerator once a month. Others may find that cleaning twice a year is sufficient. It is a good idea to replace the aerator about once a year.

Can you soak the aerator in vinegar?

Soaking the aerator in vinegar will loosen some dirt. You can soak it for as long as you want, but even five minutes will help. The toothbrush can easily clean the inside.

Can you remove the faucet aerator?

The aerator is tightened by hand and can be easily unscrewed. But in other cases, the accumulation of mineral deposits may freeze the aerator and make it difficult to remove.

Final Thoughts:

When you clean faucet aerators regularly, it will improve the water quality and flow of the faucet. If your water is brown or rusty, there may be a problem with the pipes, and you can change pipelines or contact the best plumbers near you.

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